July 13, 2024
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“She Was Screaming, Driver Knew”: Friend Of Delhi Woman Dragged By Car

The victim’s companion told reporters today that the men who dragged a 20-year-old under their car in Delhi on New Year’s morning “knew she was pinned there.” According to the police, Nidhi was riding pillion in the same scooter as Anjali Singh when they both went to a New Year’s party. Apparently involved in an altercation with the 20-year-old, the woman fled the scene in shock after witnessing Anjali being dragged beneath the vehicle.

“The Baleno hit us head on. I fell to one side and she fell towards the front,” Nidhi told reporters.

“My friend got stuck under the car. The men knew that a girl had rolled under their car. They deliberately ran over her. They knew. The girl was stuck under the car and she was screaming. I felt so hopeless that I went home,” she told reporters this evening as her friend’s body was cremated.

“I went home and didn’t tell anything to anyone. I had panicked. I cried a lot. They drove forward and back twice. Forward and back. Twice. She was on her back. Probably got stuck into something. So they went forward and back. Then they just went ahead, dragging her under the car,” she added, recalling the traumatic event in vivid detail.

The axle had caught Anjali’s leg. The five guys in the car, who are now in custody, have admitted to the police that they hit the scooter in a rush and were unaware that the woman was trapped in the undercarriage. They claimed to be intoxicated after downing two bottles of wine while travelling from Murthal, Haryana. They added that despite the loud music in the car, they were unable to hear anything.

The men asserted that as they were close to the Jonti settlement, they observed the body. They noticed the woman’s arm as they made a U-turn. After stopping the automobile and leaving the body behind, they continued driving. After giving Ashutosh back the borrowed vehicle, they returned home.

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