November 29, 2022
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Second bailout reform in Greece

Second bailout reform in Greece - Unique Times

Second bailout reform in Greece – Unique Times

The Greek parliament is reported to vote on Wednesday for its second set of reforms in order to secure its bailout deal. It is reported that in case if the MPs approve the financial and judicial reforms then the 86 billion euro bailout will be agreed from its creditors. Alexis Tsipras, the Greek Prime Minister stated that the Greek people had pinned their hopes on staying in the euro. It is expected that the vote will pass with the support of the opposition parties. Greece’s public sector union has called out for a protest during the emergency debate that is to take place in the parliament on Wednesday evening. The EU Economic Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici has stated that the Greek government has made a big step in the direction of the euro exit. It was cleared on Monday by the International Monetary Fund that Greece had cleared its overdue dent payments of 2.05 billion euro and also said that it is no longer in arrears. The Greek banks have reopened on Monday with certain restrictions remaining.

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