January 29, 2023

The Symphony of Natural Beauty: Hobart

The Symphony of Natural Beauty: Hobart

The Symphony of Natural Beauty: Hobart

Hobart is one of the most popular city in the Australian island Tasmania which is said to be the most common tourist place. Hobart is also Australia’s second oldest city after Sydney, New South Wales and is the capital of Tasmania.  Hobart’s harbour forms to be the second deepest natural port in the world. Its metropolitan area is commonly referred to be as Greater Hobart to distinguish it from the City of Hobart.

Hobart was initially known as Hobart Town or Hobarton, which was named after Lord Hobart who was the Colonial Secretary. The Hobart Town became an independent city on 21st August 1842 and was renamed as Hobart from 1881. The climate in Hobart is known to be mild. Till now the highest temperature recorded was 41.8 degree Celsius which was recorded on 4th January 2013 and the lowest was recorded to be -2.8 degree Celsius recorded on 25th June 1972 and on 11th July 1981. Hobart is having the second fewest daily average hours of sunshine compared to other major Australian cities. The Mount Wellington located adjacent to Hobart is always covered with snowcap even though Hobart rarely receives snow during winter. Apart from winter during other seasons also the mountain will be snow covered.

In 2011, greater Hobart area had a population of about 211,656 and the City of Hobart area had a population of about 48,703. According to the 2011 census, around 17.9% of greater Hobart’s residents were known to be born overseas commonly from the United Kingdom, New Zealand and China. The people over there are mostly occupied as professionals, clerical and administrative workers, technicians and trade workers. The most common caste found among the people is Christianity which includes Angelica, Catholic, Uniting Church and Presbyterian. Hobart is a busy seaport and serves as the home port for the Antarctic activities of Australia and France. It loads around 2,000 tones of Antarctic cargo annually. During summer, the city acts as a hub for cruise ships with up to 40 ships. The city is also bound with industries which include Catamaran Builder Incat, Zinc Refinery Nyrstar, Cascade Brewery and Cadbury’s Choclate Factory, Norske Skog and Wrest Point Casino.

Hobart also supports a huge tourist industry which includes many historic places which attract majority of the tourists. Tourists mainly come to the place to view these historic places, and nationally acclaimed restaurants and cafes that support nightlife culture. The Salamanca Palace is a well known place to be the massive weekly market which attracts huge volume of tourists. Hobart is also famous for its wine industries as it has many vineyards developed in places like coal river wine region and D’Entrecasteaux Channel. The Moorilla Estate at Berriedale is one of the most awarded vineyards in Australia. Hobart’s infrastructure is provided for scientific research and cruise ships. Hobart International Airport supports an Antarctic Airlink to Wilkins Runway at Casey Station.

Hobart serves as home to the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra which offers an annual program of concerts and is said to be one of the finest small orchestras in the world. It also hosts the Australian International Symphony Orchestra Institute (AISOI) which is the well-known University of Tasmania. This institute brings young professional musicians together from all over Australia and internationally. Hobart also serves as home to the oldest theatre known as the Theatre Royal and other theatres such as Playhouse theatre, the Backspace theatre and many smaller theatres and it also includes three Village Cinema complexes with the fourth theatre coming soon in Kingston. The films mostly played there are arthouse and foreign films.

The city plays home for music such as classical, jazz, folk, punk, hip-hop, electro, metal and rock. Apart from music, Hobart hosts many significant festivals including winter’s landmark cultural event, the festival of voices etc. The annual tulip festival at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens is a popular Spring celebration in the city. Taste of Tasmania is a popular festival where tourists and locals gather together and taste fine local and international food and wine. The city’s nightlife primarily revolves around Salamanca Place where popular pubs and bars exist.

The most popular sport in the city is Cricket whereby the city has also got its home team cricket players known as the Tasmanian Tigers who commonly play at the Bellerive Oval on the Eastern shore. Even though there is a huge popularity for football, the state does not have a team in the Australian Football League. Local domestic club football is still played in the city. The state is also famous for its hockey sport in which it has two separate teams for men and women. The only public transportation within the city of Hobart is via Metro Tasmania buses and a small number of private bus services.

The city is mainly known for its regional beauty and its uniqueness. The Mona Museum which was David Walsh’s pet project in 2011 is one of the most visited places in Tasmania. This museum has always tempted people to visit Hobart which is also surrounded by Tasmanian restaurants and other services that have risen to a challenge providing a new and higher standard of service than ever before. Apart from this, Tasmania has got other reasons for people to enjoy the place. It also has got a ferry travel which will be very enthusiastic for tourists as well as locals. It ensures that tourisms expands where they can enjoy an overnight sailing experience in a yacht which has topped the charts in Sydney to Hobart Yacht race and earned its place in Australian sailing history. This experience makes tourists to travel quickly by the power of wind and in style. The city also hosts the Port Arthur Historic place which shows all the ruins and extensive lawns. It acts as a shrine of remembrance for Australians and also as a national pride. The Cradle Mountain National Park makes Tasmania so unique and appealing from other tourist places. It includes beaches and rivers across it. The iconic peaks of Cradle Mountain are the diadem in this crown.

The Tahune Forest Airwalk is a forestry Tasmania owned and operated tourist attraction in Tasmania. This airwalk offers an aerial view of the state’s southern forests which plays a major role for tourist attraction. The walkway is a level steel structure that is suspended over the treetops as high as 45 meters in places and is 620 meters long. Transport will be provided to those with walking difficulties from the start itself. In the heart of the Central highlands is the Great Lake. The Great Lake is said to be the largest natural freshwater lake in Australia. It also has many of its storage dams and infrastructure for generating hydro-electric power. The Central highlands add something rich to the diversified flavors of Tasmania.


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