June 23, 2024

Dental Care : Ask The Smile Expert

I have a son of 3 years of age he already have some teeth filled. He brushes twice daily but gets teeth decay very fast.  Is it because of calcium deficiency? Do you have any treatment to prevent the dental decay?

Dental decay or caries is common in young children. The caries activity has to be assessed in children for specific prevention plan. The major reason for dental caries is not calcium deficiency but fluoride deficiency and irregular tooth morphology (pits, Fissures and cracks) that helps food to adhere to tooth surface.  The fluoride application by a dentist and a regular use of fluoridated tooth paste can reduce dental caries. The pits and fissure need to be corrected by fluoridated dental sealants that laminates the teeth from bacteria and also releases fluoride increasing the resistance of teeth against caries.

I am 45 years old. I have dark front teeth. The teeth are becoming darker from the time I met with an accident ten years ago. There is no other problem except the color. Can you tell me why this color change is happening and what is the treatment for this condition?

The front teeth has become non vital and the blood cells inside has been getting differentiated into the ionic composition. The iron in the blood is responsible for the dark shade of the teeth. A proper root canal therapy and a good ceramic crown will correct the cosmetic problem.

I am a model.I am 24 years old and have one tooth on each side which are not aligned and not touching the lower teeth. Can I correct without braces, since putting braces will make me lose my business?

Yes you can correct it using veneers and /or crowns. Another way to correct it is by using lingual orthodontics as the braces will not be seen outside.

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