May 25, 2024
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SC to hear petition on banning triple talaq, polygamy of Muslim personal law

 In an attempt to dismiss the uncertainty around Muslim personal law, the Supreme Court of India on last day agreed to hear a petition submitted by a Muslim women seeking banning of polygamy and triple talaq. Triple talaq is a complicated remarriage procedure that is followed by the Muslim community which demands a mandatory intervening marriage before re-joining an estranged husband. The petition was filed by a Muslim woman named Shayara Bano. In her petition, she reportedly addressed herself as a woman who had suffered miserable life experiences due to the inhuman law. Reports say that, a bench headed by Justice A.K Goel and Anil R. Dave on last day asked centre’s opinion about the Muslim personal law and the need for amendment. It is said that the polygamy practice of the Muslim community is overshadowing the personal rights of a Muslim women. Senior advocate Amit Singh and Balaji Srinivasan appeared in the court for the petitioner. It is learned that the petitioner is fighting to protect the dignity of the ailing Muslim women who are suffering due to the barbarian practices. Earlier, a PIL was submitted in the court regarding the similar issue. The latest petition was reportedly tagged with the PIL and will be considered together on coming March 28. The Petition reportedly pointed out that the polygamy is not actually an Islamic practice and it assets that it has not been recommended by any of its holly books. It further claims that the true Islam won’t allow any gender biased practices. However, the adherent Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia and Iraq have even managed to put forward some restrictions in the barbarian practices.


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