June 3, 2020

A Confident Real Estate Giant – Dr. Roy.C.J.

Averting from the profit-oriented business style, here, Dr Roy C.J is introducing a service-oriented business establishment and being a confident person, he named his organization as the Confident Group. Dr Roy’s dreams are shared by wife and business partner Mrs. Liny Roy and Co-Founders Mr Joseph, Mr Gaffar P Kandy, Mr Sunil Krishnan and Mr Sudhir. The business establishment focusses on earning the confidence of the customers and to gain the maximum with their best services. This quality has turned him an odd among the vast real estate sector in the country. Since its birth, it has not tainted the confidence of its customers. The hard-gained trust has inducted this company into the top list of successful companies. After gaining good education, Roy joined some big conglomerates; subsequently, with the strength of experience, he established the company to achieve his dream.
Fueled by his dedication, hard-work and passion, the initial investment has been grown-up to billions. Every small investor is seen as a huge asset for the group. Now, the company has asset strength of around one billion USD and it is financially very stable and strong. As the organization is giving more importance to the real estate business, it has attracted plenty of customers and gained their confidence. Confident Group’s reach is not limited to single sector or place, the vision of Dr Roy and confident group is expanding with many different schemes and plans for different fields, reaching many places. The company has the glory of around 135 finished real estate projects, and it secured special attention when it was tagged with “Zero debt on any of the Real Estate Project” note. While keeping a strong base in the Bangalore with status as one of the top 5 Brands, the company have projects all over Kerala from Kasargod to Trivandrum with strong presence in Kochi, Trivandrum, Calicut, and Trissur; and even in Dubai, a strong presence has been established. Even though Roy was concentrated in the real estate sector, he had invested giant chunk of money in the different sectors; like Retail, International Trading, Health care, Aviation, Hospitality, Entertainment, Education and Sports.


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