July 23, 2024
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SC to check constitutional validity of Aadhaar bill

The Supreme Court of India on last day had decided to check the constitutional validity of ‘controversial’ Aadhaar bill.Earlier, the government had successfully manged to clear the bill in Lok Sabha. Notably, this ordinary bill has been tactically changed to ‘money bill’ before presenting it to Lok Sabha.It is learned that the Rajya Sabha now cannot make any creative changes on this bill, expect some recommendations, as the money bill does not demand Rajya Sabha’s acceptance or clearance.The writ petition, seeking quashing of this bill, was submitted by Congress MP Jairam Ramesh.Senor lawyers and pro-congress leaders like P. Chidambaram and Kapil Sibal has appeared before the court for Jairam.It is said that a three member bench headed by Chief Justice T.S Thakur is currently considering the case. The bench reportedly asked the petitioner and attorney general to submit a brief note before the bench.

The pro-congress ‘council of lawyers’ strongly appealed that the government is trying to bypass the constitutional right of Rajya Sabha to review the bill by turning it to a money bill.They added that the authorities have misused the special power, vested in them by the constitution or the people, to grab an uninterrupted clearance of the Aadhaar Bill.Anyway, the attorney general strongly defended the government, saying the speaker has the right to decide whether a bill should be considered as a money bill or ordinary bill.The discretionary decisions taken by the speaker of the Sabha cannot be subjected to the court’s review, he reportedly added.However, it is said that the case will be, again, considered by the court on coming July 20.



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