August 12, 2020
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SC observes female genital mutilation amounts to violation of right to life and dignity


The top court of the country- the Supreme Court of India- has, while considering a petition, submitted by senior advocate Sunita Tiwari, seeking a strict ban on the infamous religious practice of female genital mutilation practised by a small section of the population in the country with the backup of the rights granted by the constitution to follow the traditional religious practices, observed that the practices like female genital mutilation creates several serious health issues and also amounts to the violation of the right to life and dignity of those sections of the female population over which this painful practice is performed in the pretext of the religious sentiment.

The government representative has submitted in the top court that the religious practice of female genital mutilation is punishable under the law and, normally, a stiff punishment of seven year imprisonment is given.

Meanwhile, the Dawoodi Bohra Women’s Association has argued in the court that the practice of female circumcision, not female genital mutilation, is an intrinsic part of their religion, and is protected by the constitution of the country.

The court is expected to hear the arguments of more stakeholders in this case today.

Why do human beings always chase inhuman religious practices?        



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