June 27, 2022
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Saurabh Verma on rejecting controversial Layer’r ads: ‘I just used my common sense’

Saurabh Verma has become a social media sensation after his friend revealed how the actor rejected the controversial Layer’r ads as he found it ‘demeaning and derogatory for women’.

The recent advertising by the fragrance brand Layer’r, which seemed to trivialise sexual violence, have drawn criticism from celebrities, activists, netizens, and even “aam janta.” It was adopted by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, which directed the suspension of the commercials and a public apology from the company.

Although the controversy over the adverts has since subsided, a recent LinkedIn post about it has drawn attention. According to the LinkedIn post by ad director Abbas Mirza, his friend, actor Saurabh Verma, declined to take part in the campaign because he thought the ads were “derogatory and insulting towards women.”

Actor Saurabh Verma, who was born in Allahabad, relocated to Mumbai in the beginning of 2018 and has since been in commercials for brands including McDonald’s, Creta, Hero, Mother Dairy, and Tanishq, among others. A little more than a month had passed since he received the screenplay for the contentious Layer’r advertising. “When I read it, I must admit that I was a little upset. Since I knew I would never put up with a woman being treated in this way in real life, I decided against doing it even for the camera. I did make a few tweaks, but when they objected, I kindly declined,” he said.

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