February 26, 2024
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Shahid Kapoor praises the busker who performed Kabir Singh’s “Tujhe Kitna Chaahne Lage Hum” in the United States as “amazing”

You don’t encounter something familiar while travelling abroad and away from home every day. A similar incident occurred when a man was crossing a street in the US and overheard a musician playing a Hindi song on the saxophone.

While in Boston, Massachusetts, Twitter user Sumit Patil noticed sounds coming from a saxophone. He was pleasantly delighted to hear Kabir Singh’s “Tujhe Kitna Chaahne Lage Hum” played by the musician instead of some Jazz or Neo-Soul music.

The unidentified man in a black suit was busking the melodic tunes of the Kabir Singh song, sung by Arijit Singh, with a little tip bucket in front. An ecstatic Patil posted on social media, tagging the movie’s singer, composer, and actors, “This is what I captured today!” He continued, “Amazed to watch Indian music on the US streets!!!

Numerous Indian followers online responded favourably to the video right away. Shahid Kapoor, an actor in the movie, saw it as well. He tweeted the video and remarked, “Amazing.” Mithoon, a composer of music and a lyricist, also remarked and added, “Precise notes.”

Others rushed the comments section with requests, wanting to know how he got into performing the song as well, since fans were not only astonished by his choice of song but also the soulfulness he offered to the instrumental cover.

Bollywood music, however, are frequently played or performed outside of India. Others simply joined in with other street performers, while some went to great measures to film scene-by-scene versions of their favourite Bollywood tunes.

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