April 21, 2021
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Gemfields Celebrates 2013 Global Launch and Exclusive Collaborations with International Jewellery Designers

GEMFIELDS Global Brand Ambassador, Mila KunisGemfields, the world’s leading coloured gemstone producer, unveiled a truly one-of-a-kind set of fine jewellery collaborations with 36 leading international designers.

This collection of designer collaborations underscores not only the beauty of the gemstones, but also the range of shades, shapes and sizes that make up Gemfields’ portfolio. Whether precision cuts, cabochons that look like candy or slices that are ruggedly organic, each Gemfields Zambian emerald, Mozambican ruby and Zambian amethyst was the starting point for a bespoke creation. To coincide with the launch of this project, Gemfields unveiled a new global advertising campaign featuring brand ambassador Mila Kunis wearing ethically sourced Zambian emeralds and Mozambican rubies shot by Mario Sorrenti in Los Angeles

Building on the success of its emerald and amethyst operations in Zambia, Gemfields has now ventured into rubies, processed in Mozambique. Globally, it is the leading manufacturer and producer of emeralds

Gemfields announced its strategy for the Indian market alongside the announcement of famous Hollywood actress, Mila Kunis, as the company’s Global Ambassador. After carefully studying consumer preferences and buying patterns, Gemfields has observed that the North and West regions largely consume emeralds whereas the South and East regions are promising for ruby sales.

Gemfields’ unprecedented mine to market strategy, which allows consumers to trace the origin of their gems from the source, has rightfully resulted in the Company becoming leaders in the industry, especially in both India and Asia.

As well as developing proprietary product and practices, Gemfields is committed to bolstering the coloured gemstone sector, especially emphasizing the rare, unique qualities of coloured gems. Emeralds, for example, are many times scarcer than diamonds, although arguably infinitely more exciting, made up of countless microscopic fissures within in each stone that makes each gem completely unique.  Gemfields is committed to bolstering the coloured gemstone industry, especially by emphasizing the rare, unique qualities of coloured gems.

“Gemfields has observed that the demand for coloured gemstones in India has increased by 50% per year over the last four years alone, and we expect this percentage to grow higher in the coming years”, states Ian Harebottle, Gemfields Chief Executive Officer. “The overall acceptance, demand and popularity of gemstones in India have significantly risen in pursuit of owning something unique and unparalleled. In-fact, most of our gemstones are sent to India to be cut and polished. Indeed, Jaipur – where we are well established – is known as the emerald capital of the world.”


“Gemfields has this incredible knack for finding the absolute coolest designers to work with to create jewellery. I’ve worn a number of the pieces and I can tell you that this collection is so unique and special, and no two pieces are alike.”


Alexandra Mor, Amrapali, Anndra Neen, Bina Goenka, Coomi, Dickson Yewn, Dominic Jones, Duffy, Fabergé, Farah Khan, Fernando Jorge, Hannah Martin, Hoorsenbuhs, Jasmine Alexander, Jayce Wong, Jordan Askill, Kara Ross, Kimberly McDonald, Mappin & Webb, Monica Vinader, Nam Cho, Natasha Collis, Octium, Parulina, Penny Winter, Robinson Pelham, Shaun Leane, Solange Azagury-Partridge, Stephen Webster, Sutra, Svetla, The Gem Palace, Theo Fennell, Wendy Yue, Wright &Teague, Zaiken.


Gemfields is the world’s foremost coloured gemstone producer, working at the intersection of exploration, mining and marketing. Given its emphasis on reliably supplied and ethically produced coloured gems, Gemfields has pioneered the leading fair-trade, environmental, social and safety standards in the coloured gemstone sector. Gemfields’ unprecedented mine to market strategy through transparent partnerships with the world’s leading coloured gemstones dealers and manufacturers is a guarantee of the provenance of every gem. Business aside, Gemfields’ dedication to preserving the environment, nurturing relationships with local communities and upholding human rights remains paramount.

  • GEMFIELDS – The world’s foremost coloured gemstone producer with operations worldwide: Zambia, Mozambique, Madagascar, India, UK, US, South Africa
  • The Indian gem and jewellery market alone is estimated at US$ 30.1 billion
  • Coloured gemstones in India have a market share of 8%, preceded by diamonds with a market share of 15%
  • Growth of coloured gemstones on a all time high – demand in India alone has increased by 50% per year over the last four years
  • To bring rubies to the Indian market in the second half of the year
  • Has announced Mila Kunis as the Global Ambassador
  • Has collaborated with the world’s top jewellery designers to create one of its kind jewellery pieces using Gemfields’ emeralds, rubies and amethysts – Retail price up to US$ 750,000

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