June 6, 2023
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Rajasthan Elections: Sachin Pilot likely to face a tough fight in Tonk


With the BJP determinant to use all possible means to keep the Congress Party’s raising star of Rajasthan, Sachin Pilot, away from the state legislative assembly, the Saffron leaders have tactically fielded the most powerful Muslim candidate of the rightist camp, Yunus Khan, in the Tonk constituency –one of the Muslim dominated constituencies in the state– against the RPCC President.

The Rajasthan Assembly Election, which is going to happen on 7 December, is a crucial one for both the Congress Party and BJP. Both the opposition and ruling expect nothing less than victory. So, in the state, the electoral politics becomes more and more complicated with the presence of ‘tricks’ and ‘tactics’.

As per the latest updates, both Mr Pilot and Mr Khan will file their nomination for the contest in the aforesaid constituency today.

Today is the last day for filing the nomination. Once this stage is complete, the original picture of the election will become a little more clear.

Though the anti-incumbency factor is evident in the state, it is not as powerful as to topple the ruling government. At the same time, this time, the opposition, unlike what was seen last time, is not that week.

Who will win the land of kings? Congress or BJP!!!   



Vignesh. S. G


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