July 15, 2024

India needs to attend anti-biotic resistance crisis immediately


Anti-biotic resistance is a serious issue, far serious that what is known to the public about this disastrous issue. Several studies have warned about this fatal condition. Yet, most of the countries, mostly developing and under-developed –even, developed– have not succeeded in creating any feasible strategies to contain this crisis.

Now, a leading national daily warns that it is high time for India to find a feasible solution to overcome the potential threat posed by the issue of anti-biotic resistance.

On the wake of this, it is important to educate the people about this condition. Anti-biotic resistance is a serious health condition in which bacteria transforms into the state of evolved bacteria that cannot be treated by the anti-biotic which once effectively eliminated it.

There are many reasons for the development of such a condition in a person or in a society. This is becoming common in the Indian society. More studies are needed to be conducted to resolve the threat posed by this condition.

There is an assumption that the unmonitored use of anti-biotic is the prime reason for the development of such a condition in the Indian society.



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