August 15, 2022

Prolonged sitting may invite several serious ailments: Study


We all know that sedentary life style may lead to several serious diseases, such as heart diseases, diabetes and blood pressure.

A recent study has also confirmed the same, by coming to a conclusion that prolonged sitting, which is a part of sedentary life style, may significantly increase the risk of developing several non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease and cancer and thus may increase the risk of falling under the clutches of premature death.

This shocking report prompts all those who are unintentionally or intentionally following this lifestyle to rethink whether they are following the right lifestyle or not.

We all know that for the majority of working professionals prolonged sitting is an unavoidable part of their job.

For them, there are many health tips: they can take a short break every thirty minute while working in their laptop or sitting in their work desk; they can make sure that they stretch their muscles every forty five minutes; they can use their stairs instead of lift whenever a demand of either going up stair or going down stair arises.

Health is wealth! Stay Healthy!



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