June 21, 2024
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Govt to empower weaver community

The weaving is a traditional job. A huge number of people still depend on this profession for their livelihood. The preponderance of them is those people belonging to the Other Backward Section communities, Muslims and Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities. Thus, in terms of electoral calculations, the weaver community holds extreme importance. The unique empowerment program launched by the textile ministry, offering the affordable education to the weaver community, shows that the central government is well aware of the facts mentioned above. Under the program, the ministry is set to offer nearly seventy-five per cent of the tuition fees of those weavers who enroll in the National Institute of Open Schooling.

Notably, the weavers belonging to the SC and ST category will not have to pay a single penny for their education under the new scheme.  It is learned that the weavers may be allowed to take subjects, which are related to their job, under the program. It is believed that the new program is likely to empower the weaver community who, otherwise, has no adequate opportunity to access proper education. In the political point of view, the move is likely to benefit the ruling party as it will help them to grab the loyalty of a prominent section of the OBC, Muslims and Dalits. Actually, in a sense, it may help to dilute the adversities caused by the aggressive ‘beef ban’. It is to be noted that the Prime Minister’s constituency, Varanasi, has a large number of weavers. Experts say that even though it is a political move, it can be tolerated and appreciated as it aims to help a big section of the society to acquire education.







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