October 3, 2022
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Prabhas demands Rs 120 crore for ‘Adipurush’

‘Adipurush’ is a movie that Prabhas fans are eagerly waiting for. Prabhas will be playing the role of Rama in the epic film based on the Ramayana. The film is directed by Om Raut. The latest news is about the budget of the movie ‘Adipurush’.

Earlier, there were reports that Prabhas would be making a big budget film. It was initially rumored that the film had a budget of Rs 500 crore. Prabhas was paid close to Rs 100 crore in the film. It is reported that Prabhas has now demanded Rs 120 crore as compensation. It is reported that the budget of ‘Adipurush’ will increase by 25% after that. There is no official confirmation about this. In any case, Prabhas is sure to be rewarded for ‘Adipurush’ more than many other Bollywood superstars.

Prabhas will also play the lead in Prashant Neil’s new film. Prabhas will be playing the lead role in a movie titled ‘Salar’. . Fans are eagerly waiting for ‘Salari’ as the country’s star director Prashant Neil and Prabhas are teaming up through ‘KGF’. The hints of Prabhas’ role in the new movie Salar have come out recently.

It is reported that Prabhas will be playing a double role in the film. The hint is that the film will tell the story of two eras. Prabhas has been cast in a double role in the hit film ‘Bahubali’. Fans are expecting ‘Salar’ starring Prithviraj to be a big hit like ‘Bahubali’.

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