June 22, 2024
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Saudi oil processing facility attacked

An important oil processing facility, which engages in the task of turning sour crude to sweet crude, and which is based in Saudi Arabia, has been attacked.

At this moment, it remains unclear who has carried out the attack. Also, there is no clarity on the matter of causality.

The Saudi has not yet responded in the matter in detail, through a senior member of the government has acknowledged the information released by the International Medias about the attack.

As expected, all hands point towards Yemen-based Houthi rebels. Notably, no one, including the aforesaid rebels, has claimed the responsibility of the attack yet.

It is not the first time the oil facilities in Saudi have come under the threat of terror attack. Several times in the past the facilities have suffered attacks, as well as attack attempts. The most reason one was the attack attempt done by an Al-Qaida-claimed suicide bomber. That attack attempt happened during the year 2006. Since then, the country has been carefully protecting its oil facilities, which is the back born of the oil-based economy.

Saudi Arabia is in war with Houthi rebels in Yemen. That rebels usually try the method of drone attack against Saudi.

It is clear that the attack has triggered another crisis in the oil-rich Middle East, which is already under severe crisis due to various issues.

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