July 17, 2024
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Strike against Macron’s pension plan paralyses Paris

The strike, organised against French President Emanuel Macron’s plan to unify various pension plans into a single universal plan, has almost completely paralysed the French city of Paris.

The strike has disrupted the transport facilities in the city. Most metro train services have been either cancelled or partially affected. Those, which have not been affected, have struggled to manage its customers on the day.

The strike is the severest the country has experienced in the recent past. Most pensioners have extended their support to the strike.

It seems that the middle class and those under that class, which constitute the majority of France’s population, are unhappy with Mr Macron’s radical policies.

Since his induction as the President of France, Mr Macron has introduced several aggressive reforms in the country. The majority of those are either directly or indirectly related to the aforesaid category of the population.

If the things progress in this direction, the population, which once paved the way for the triumph of an anti-establishment force in the country, may become the reason for the fall of the newly emerged force.

The new regime of France must stop acting like a rival of working class. It must make sure that it takes adequate advise from all concerning stakeholders before bringing a policy. Aggressiveness may get some claps, but not a perfect opinion of a wise.

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