April 7, 2020
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Railways receive nearly 1.11 crore in fake currency in 10 years

As per the report presented in the Lok Sabha by the Parliament Standing Committee on Transport, Tourism and Culture, the Indian Railways have received nearly 1.11 crore rupees in the form of fake currency in the last ten years. In the report, named the ‘Outstanding Dues for Indian Railways’, it is noted that the concerned authorities have recovered around 66.2 lakh from the railway staffs who are responsible for accepting the counterfeit notes. It is learned that the concerned authority will have to collect remaining 45.1 lakh rupees soon from those responsible for taking the fake notes. The important fact is that most of these responsible officials are the railway staffs sitting at the cash counters. As per the rule, those collecting the money in the cash counter are responsible to check whether they are collecting genuine notes or not. The rule stipulates that if they fail to do so, they will have to make good the deficiency created due to his/her irresponsible behaviour. Anyway, in the report, the committee advises that the railway authorities should procure fake currency detecting machines. The report adds that the authorities should give training to those people who are sitting in the railway cash counters to detect the counterfeit notes. It seems that the concerned railway officials will show more alertness in future in handling the notes.


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