July 2, 2020
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PM Modi lashes out at TMC

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has strongly criticised the TMC workers who damaged the statue of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar.
He has assured of erecting a grand statue at the place where the damaged statue stands at this moment.
The statue was originally damaged during a violent clash between the BJP and TMC which erupted when the TMC workers provoked those attended a rally led by BJP chief Amit Shah with placards saying “Go Back Amit Shah”.
Immediately after the attack, both TMC and BJP blamed each other for the damage caused to the statue during the clash.
A high level BJP delegation even approached the Election Commission of India against the TMC and its wicked election strategies, including the misuse of power and the use of violence.
In response to the complaint, the EC came strongly against the TMC and reduced the time allotted for it to campaign in certain constituencies.
The opposition parties including the BSP came openly to support the TMC, accusing that the EC was pressured by the ruling to corner the TMC.
The BJP leader has responded against the BSP’s moves also. He has criticised the personal comment made by the BSP against him and questioned why the BSP has not commended anything about the ill-treatment faced by the Bihar and UP people in West Bengal.

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