June 5, 2020

Martyred denied insurance as authorities failed to renew group insurance

All fifteen police commandos, who were killed in a brutal naxal attack in Maharashtra early this month, have been denied the benefit of insurance as the concerned department of the government has failed to renew the group insurance policy purchased for the commandos.

Earlier, the government announced a financial support of around Rs 50 lakh each for the families of the martyred commandos.

As the families of the martyred have been rejected the insurance money of Rs 20 lakh each due to the negligence of some function under the government, the government may cover up that loss with an additional grand. The government may provide a sum of Rs 20 lakh, in addition to the sum of Rs 50 lakh, each for the families of the martyred.

The latest attack against the anti-naxal commandos is the most disastrous attack which has been carried out on the security forces by the naxals in the recent past in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

The attacked commandos were on their way to support a local police camp situated in a naxal affected region in Maharashtra.

The growing naxal activities in a state like Maharashtra, the state which plays a huge role in the financial stability of the country, is a matter of huge concerns.

Stiffer measures should be taken by the concerned to contain the growth of these unlawful groups and to ensure that no jawans loss their life in future because of these groups.

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