September 23, 2023

Plastic containers pose serious health hazards: Study Report


Many of us use plastic containers to keep food materials. Most of the food items we buy from shops are kept in plastic containers.

Do you know plastic containers pose serious health hazards?

A study, conducted by a renowned foreign university, has found that plastic contains several harmful chemicals, such as phthalates.

The university, with the help of a health organisation, has tested the urine samples of over one thousand people who regularly use the food products packed in plastic containers and drink water contained in plastic bottles. Shockingly, it has found the presence of phthalates in the urine samples of over ninety nine per cent participants.

Several researches prove that Phthalates adversely affect the human body. So, it is clear that buying food materials and water packed in plastic containers and bottles is similar to purposefully encouraging those who run these companies to harm human body.

What can we do?

Try to avoid those food materials packed in plastic containers, and buy those packed using natural or biodegradable or chemical-free products.  

Remember! Health is wealth!


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