February 4, 2023
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BJP is still the top player, proves by-election results


While analysing the latest election result of the by-elections, it is apparent that the saffron party, the BJP, is still the top player in the Indian electoral politics, which is a game of political tricks and tactics. As the election result of ten assembly constituencies has been announced, the BJP has secured five victories. The political parties that showed poor performance include the AAP. The noteworthy fact is that the AAP could not even win the seat in their stronghold, Delhi. Meanwhile, it is said that the TMC and Jharkhand Mukthi Morcha has something to feel proud of as they won one seat each in the by-elections by fighting all odds. Unlike the previous elections, this time, the congress has reached up to their expectation by demonstrating a satisfactory performance, attaining an impressive vote share and gaining three out of ten seats.

This election result proves that it will be a difficult job for the Modi-Shah faction to make inroads into the congress strongholds in South India. Two out of the three seats that the Congress has grabbed belong to Karnataka, where the BJP had once shown miracles by winning the state election and is now aiming to grab the state back from the congress which is ruling the country since the fall of BJP in Karnataka after the tug-of-war between Yeddyurappa and his erstwhile associates. The poll result, it seems that, gives mixed feeling to the saffron party. There is a good message as well as a bad message for the party in this election. It is the high time for the BJP to drop the extreme rightist elements and to embrace more acceptable concepts if it wishes to include more people into their framework or wish to make inroads into the Southern region of the country where the cast politics and polarisation has only little followers.








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