May 28, 2022
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Pitfalls of three-way battle in UP

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With the Congress, the BSP-SP alliance and the BJP addressing the UP constituencies in three different ways, the state is set to witness a three-way battle in the upcoming General Election, which is crucial for the sustenance of many opposition parties including the BSP and the SP.

The important question is who will benefit the most from the three-way battle. There are many reasons to assume that such a prediction is not possible at this stage.

Arithmetically, the combined vote share of the BSP-SP alliance is at least one or two per cent higher than the vote share of the BJP.

What is unpredictable is the vote share of the Congress. If someone is equally destructive to the BJP and the SP-BSP alliance, that is none other than the Congress. If its eats into the share of the BSP-SP alliance, the other one, that is the BJP, will benefit from that. If otherwise, the SP-BSP alliance will get the advantage.

The fact is that the Congress is less likely to eat into the BJP’s vote share. If that is the case, the decision to keep the Congress out of the SP-BSP alliance will be perceived as a big blunder.

It is important to note here that had the SP and BSP put their selfish nature aside they would have succeeded in developing a powerful, sure to win, front against the BJP with the support of the Congress.

In fact, the Grand Old Party, in a stage, was willing to agree to whatever condition the SP and BSP leaders put forth.

Do you think that the voters of UP will turn a blind eye over the inability of the opposition to forget their differences and to form a single narrative against their common rival BJP?     


Vignesh. S. G

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