February 9, 2023
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US-based lawyers association criticises India’s action against Manipur scribe

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A United States-based lawyers association, the American Bar Association, has strongly criticised the detention of a Manipur-based journalist, Kishorchandra Wangkhem, who posted a video criticising the state and central governments. The association has observed that India has violated its International treaty obligation in the case of the Manipur journalist. The organisation has acknowledged that the journalist used some unacceptable terms in his controversial video released in one of his social media handles. Meanwhile, it has also observed that there was nothing in the video that threatened the security of the country.

The journalist was booked on 21 November last year. He was arrested under the National Security Act –the act normally used against those acting in a manner prejudicial to the Indian security.

The organisation has pointed out that India has the obligation to protest the Freedom of Speech and Expression of its citizens. What the organisation has indirectly said is that with the detention India has disrespected those values for which it has been standing tirelessly for last few decades.

It is expected that the foreign association’s observation will prompt India to rethink the way it handles dissent. The top court of the state is expected to decide on the legality of the journalist’s detention soon.


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