December 6, 2023
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Indian Former RC priest sentenced for child abuse in US

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An Indian former Roman Catholic has been sentenced by a United States to at least six years in prison as it has been found that he sexually abused a child.

He has apologised to the victim and her family, and promised that he would not hurt anyone in future. He has appeared emotionally disturbed when he has stood up to deliver his apology. While speaking, his tears were continuously flowing out of his eyes. He has even said that he wished he could take back what he did.

That apology has not helped him in the court. The court has granted him a tough sentence of six years imprisonment –notably, even the prosecution has not expected that the former priest would be punished with such a serious punishment.

The court has looked the case differently. The sentence has clearly given the message that child abuse will not be tolerated.

Most have welcomed the court’s order. Even a senior priest, working in the same community in which the sentenced ex-priest once worked, has welcomed the order, and also apologised on behalf of his community. He has asserted that the community would not tolerate this kind of behaviour form their priests.      


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