June 21, 2024
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OTT is out for John Abraham, who says, “I want to be seen only on the big screen”

John Abraham is a true big-screen action hero who has spent the majority of his career playing larger-than-life characters. John plays a super soldier in his latest film Attack, and according to John, this is not the future, but rather a representation of what is already happening in the world. In a recent interview with indianexpress.com, John discussed his latest film, why he takes on certain projects despite his reservations, and why he refuses to do OTT content.

When asked about The Kashmir Files and Satyameva Jayate during the promotion of Attack in New Delhi, John lost his cool. “It isn’t about losing it,” John said when asked about it. The press, some of you, I don’t want to generalise, asks some very stupid questions at times, and there’s no basis for it. And, while I understand that we are all humans, I do get irritated when I am asked a stupid question.” He went on to say that things were fine after the exchange because they “laughed about it later.”

That verbal exchange, on the other hand, is all over the internet. Does this not have an impact on how people perceive him or how his film is promoted? John isn’t convinced. “When it comes to film promotion, the press has generally been very supportive,” he said. As a result, when we discuss the press, it is critical to inform them about the film. Because it is through you that people learn when a film is going to be released. Of course, there are advertisements and marketing, but the film’s real promotion is the movie itself. It will work if your film is good. It won’t work if your film isn’t good.”

“I’m doing Attack for nothing, how low can I go?” However, I charge because I deserve to be paid, so I will, but I will not hold a gun to a producer’s head and demand that they pay me this much money. If someone tells me I don’t deserve this, I tell them not to do the film with me; it’s entirely up to me whether or not I want to be a part of it. I enjoy working on films from my production company. “I am a rare commodity because I rarely appear in the media, rarely use social media, and I am not available on OTT,” he explained.

Is John planning to enter the streaming space, since we’re on the subject of OTT? “Not for 299 rupees!” exclaimed the actor. It’s extremely difficult. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with it, but I’m not sure I’m ready for it right now; perhaps later. However, John Abraham is currently a big-screen hero. I only want to be seen on a big screen. Will I be able to succeed on the big screen? Yes, I will fail, but on a grand scale. Even if I get slammed for it, I’m not bothered.

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