September 26, 2022
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Opposition couldn’t reach consensus over demonetisation; govt wins again


The aimless attacks and scattered opinions raised by the opposition parties again helped the ruling BJP-led government to evade the expected attacks in the parliament over the demonetisation of higher denomination currency note.   Different opposition parties have different opinions over the demonetisation issue. Some political organisations demanded a Joint Parliament Committee Investigation over the issue while others insisted that the government should relook the decision.Last day, the TMC leader and West Bengal chief minister, Mamata Banerjee, organised a march to the Rashtrapati Bhavan, demanding the withdrawal of the demonetisation order.


Meanwhile, in the parliament, last day, the opposition parties questioned the modus operandi used to implement a sensitive plan. Notably, the ruling government retorted the attacks by raising the nationalistic statements: those people who are opposing the move are indirectly supporting the black money and corruption.Emphasising on the importance of the demonetisation order, the ruling government stated that the decision to demonetise the higher denomination currency notes was taken by the Reserve Bank of India.BSP supremo Mayawati alleged that the government had indirectly imposed a financial emergency on the country.It is not yet clear how the opposition parties take the issue to the next level. Experts say that the opposition parties should reach a consensus on the issue before taking another step.A scattered opposition can be easily defended by the ruling government, which is carefully observing the developments in the opposition faction to find loopholes.Interestingly, the main opposition party, Congress, has not raised a strong statement against the move until now even though they are demanding a JPC investigation.





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