August 17, 2022
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Opinion: The U-turn of TMC

The TMC was a strong critic of the CAA until recently. Its leader, Mamata Banerjee, organised several demonstrations against the act in the recent past.

It seems that the TMC no longer moves in that direction. The party’s decision to back up from the scheduled opposition meet and its leader’s decision to share a platform with PM Narendra Modi speak a lot about the party’s new direction.

For the TMC, it is defiantly a win-win game. The party knows very well that sharing a platform with the Congress and the CPM may not do any good as the party’s success in the state depends more on the ‘three front’ competition that exists in the state. The entry of the TMC onto the platform, where the Congress and the CPM now stand, may lead to the destruction of the said politics and to the emergence of a new ‘two front’ politics.

The U-turn of the TMC is regarded as a tactics to prevent the BJP from making any benefit from the possible ‘two front’ politics.

The upcoming West Bengal Assembly Election has a relation with the U-turn of the Mamata’s political party.

The U-turn may help the TMC to push the BJP to the pit of the ‘B-team’ blame.

If the tactics works well, the BJP will suffer exactly what happened to the Congress in the state of West Bengal.

It is yet to see how the BJP will overcome the tactics of the TMC.

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