March 4, 2024
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Opinion: AAP’s guarantee card disturbs establishment

Frustrated at the overwhelming support the pro-poor guarantee card – the AAP version of manifesto – has received, the establishment parties – both the Congress and the BJP – have joined together to call the card as a sham.

The frustration is not pointless. The AAP model is a true challenge to the flawed establishment model.

The establishment is by now aware that they can no longer fool the electorate of the country with colourful manifestos.

If the AAP gets another chance to rule the national capital, it will be the victory of the AAP model over the establishment model.

Free electricity and water, world-class public education system and clean environment are the main highlights of the AAP model.

It is needless to say why these points have won this much acceptance among the electorate of the state.

Whether the AAP can fulfil these promises is a different thing. Given its tract record, there is surety in one thing that it will not shy away from trying its best to achieve what they have promised.

Where the establishment has failed is in its inability to understand why the people of the state are too much enthusiastic about the assurances in the AAP’s guarantee card.

At this moment, it remains unclear the AAP will win or not. Like the AAP, the Congress and BJP are very strong in the state.

Still, there is clarity in one thing that the AAP has already made a huge leap with its manifesto – or guarantee card.

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