April 22, 2024
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Online Class And The Friendly Viral Teacher Sai Swetha

The schools reopened for all the students of Kerala but no bags no lunchbox no water bottle only internet. Yeah you heard it right,as the the COVID 19 pandemic is spreading rapidly classes for student has been conducting online.

But over all this, a person who gone viral is Sai Swetha a teacher at Muthuvadathoor VV LP School in Vadakara Chompala sub-district, impressed everyone by the online class on the first day. Sai teacher conducted a welcome class for class 1st students through Victers channel

She took the class by telling the stories about cats to get student’s attention. The class lasted about twenty minutes and the teachers enjoyed it very much. Soon after, the trolls came on the scene. The video went viral on WhatsApp and was widely shared across groups.

The Sai Teacher says that she did not expect so much. Glad to know that everyone loved the class. I use to do TikTok videos. She loves singing and dancing. It is thought that all this helped to take classes in a way that held children curiosity. No offence to any trollers. How funny they made the video viral in the moment. I have posted a thanks giving message to all of them through FB

Sai Swetha lives in Muduvadathoor near Vadakara. Her husband Dilip works abroad. Sai Swetha, who completed TTC from AWH College, Kozhikode, became a teacher two years ago. A video clip of story telling was posted on the WhatsApp group of teachers. The video, which got good reviews, gave an opportunity to work with Victers channel. In the following weeks, Victers will have two days of teacher classes.

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