June 23, 2024
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Class 10 girl sets herself on fire in Kerala, Not having facilities to attend online classes

A 14-year-old Dalit girl from Valanchery has apparently ended it all as she didn’t have the facilities to attend the online classes for her Class X studies. The deceased student has been recognized as Devika, daughter of Balakrishnan and Sheeba, residents of Mangeri close Valanchery.

She was a student of Government Higher Secondary School, Irimbiliyam. Police said the girl disappeared after 4 PM on Monday. Her body was later found at an open spot only 100 meters from the house. A lamp fuel can was found close to her dead body lying on the ground. Police said the reason for the death must be affirmed after the inquest.

“The examination is going on. More details related to the demise may be uncovered after the examination and postmortem,” said Shaji M K, Valanchery Circle Inspector.

However, the parents said their daughter may have ended it all because of the inaccessibility of facilities in their home to attend the online classes. They said that Devika was a brilliant student and couldn’t bear the agony of losing a solitary class of her most significant Class X standard.  Her parents don’t have cell phones and a TV in their home was under repair.

“She had no different issues. She was a bright student and teachers were proud of her. We disclosed to her that we can fix the TV soon. Or else the schools may give you a tablet PC. But, she was frustrated about the deficient facilities to take the online classes in the house,” said her parents.

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