June 28, 2022
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Koodathayi Murder Case: Jolly’s Family suspected to be involved in the murder

The investigation team suspects the involvement of the family of Jollyamma Thomas known as Jolly, prime accused in the Koodathayi murder series. According to the reports, the team will initiate a detailed interrogation of family members at Kattappana in Idukki.

As per the reports submitted before the Thamarassry Judicial First Class Magistrate Court seeking extension of police custody of the accused, the investigation team said Jolly’s family had attempted to get provident bail for her. Just before the arrest, she had contacted her family. Hence, the family’s involvement in the murder is suspected. It has been decided to carry out a detailed investigation.

Implying that Jolly got the support of more government officers, the team said she had falsely mentioned her occupation as NIT lecturer in the ration card to mislead her family and others. Meantime, Preji Kumar, the third accused, confessed that he got the cyanide used in the killings from Coimbatore. The investigation team will initiate an evidence collection trip to Coimbatore with the accused.

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