July 11, 2020

Online Brand Management.

An article by Sujas Ali a successful IT entrepreneur. His brainchild Aabasoft has offices around the world.He can be contacted at sujasali@aabsoft.com.

Online Brand Management

Building your brand online is a crucial job. The job is not just to keep an eye on the social media, but  also to tackle the opportunities  provided by it. The more ways you find interacting with customers, brand advocates, the more reach you have. Leading brand managers have now admitted that social media like Twitter and Facebook are crucial to their jobs.  But your entire online brand exercise should not stop with setting Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Twitter as platform for word of Mouth.

Word of Mouth is the most viral among marketing activity. Word of mouth gets a lot of attraction since it is on a personal note. There is lot of trust attached to it. Twitter can be effectively used as a word of mouth platform. The micro blog with very short sentences is ideal for communicating quick messages. Companies like Starbucks and Kingfisher uses Twitter effectively to communicate offers and messages more that it brings a sense of community among its followers.

No space for Ego

As everyone knows, ego is omnipresent in social media. A Brand is measured on the number of followers or likes.  While individuals can exhibit their ego, the brand manager should leave his ego behind. A manager should be more than careful when interacting with the customers.  The brand manager should be very careful when interacting with an irritated customer because it is very easy to forget the rules, and ego catches the best of you. You should also avoid sarcastic tone in your replies. The best idea is to proof read your comments and replies if there is chance of

Treat social media alike.

Be it be Twitter, Foursquare, Pinterest or Facebook, social media platforms should be treated alike. You should reach your fans no matter where they are. Maintaining a constant brand philosophy is crucial to a successful online branding experience.  This should be long term strategy but when it comes to targeted marketing and campaigns this may not work.

Choose your weapon.

While it is important to have a common branding philosophy for all different platforms, it is also important to have a weapon of your choice. Different platforms suits for different companies. It is all about understanding your customer base. So online media has also to do with demography of the customers More importantly having a niche media will help you focus your activities.

It’s an everyday job.

Social media is not place to enjoy your success, or repent on your mistakes. The task is upon you every day and every moment to keep an eye and stay a step ahead than your competitors. Give your fans and followers their due at the time of success, because it is eventually they are ones who makes you successful. At times of failure, well keep silent, stay modest.

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Sujas Ali 
CEO and  Head at Aabasoft 

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