April 22, 2024
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Zomato Instant: Food will be delivered in 10 minutes with no pressure on delivery partners

Zomato announced on Monday that it will deliver food to customers in a record-breaking 10 minutes, without putting any pressure on its delivery partners. Zomato Instant will be the name of this service. This comes as Zomato extends a $150 million loan to Blinkit, formerly Grofers, a quick commerce company that promises delivery in 10 minutes. In some cities, rivals Zepto and Swiggy Instamart are also offering 10-minute delivery.

“Innovating and leading from the front is the only way to survive (and thus thrive) in the tech industry,” Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal wrote in a blog post. And here we are… with Zomato Instant, our 10-minute food delivery service.”

The company clarified that late deliveries will not result in penalties for delivery partners. “The delivery partners are unaware of the promised delivery time. “Time optimization does not occur on the road, and it does not endanger anyone’s life,” Goyal explained. Goyal claims that the instant delivery will be without compromises and will be based on eight principles, including the highest quality of fresh food and world-class hygiene practises, among others.

To ensure that the food is sterile, fresh, and hot when it is picked up by the delivery partner, the food aggregator company will rely heavily on dish-level demand prediction algorithms and in-station robotics. From April, Zomato Instant will launch a pilot with four stations in Gurugram. Based on the predictability, it will house bestseller items – roughly 20-30 dishes across its finishing stations from partner restaurants. “We expect that the price for the customer will be significantly reduced due to demand predictability at a hyperlocal level,” Goyal added, “while the absolute rupees margin/income for our restaurant partners as well as our delivery partners will remain the same.”

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