July 15, 2020

Dining Out

The Mezzo      Friday evening was luring me to go out. Usually I spend my Friday evening watching a movie, as I am a movie devotee. But the foodie in me decided to go out and have some good food rather than a movie. Having decided to have food I started thinking of a good restaurant where I can sit and relax and have food at my pace. I have heard of Mezzo (pronounced Metzo), Avenue Regent Kochi from my friend, Estella. So I decided to give Mezzo a try.

       I wanted to know what all they serve because the name Mezzo sounded a little Italian; to my surprise they served a variety of cuisines including Mediterranean, Arabic, Oriental, Spanish, Steaks, seafood and Italian. The time was too early for dinner, and the restaurant was rather empty, I have asked the  restaurant manager  to suggest me some dishes. He said to me that the most popular among their menu was Sliced Beef with burnt garlic, which is served with pan fried noodles. Also popular are Hammus, a Lebanese dish, BBQ Spare Ribs, slow roasted with barbeque sauce.  There was also this Shrimp Cocktail salad, which was popular among who insist of seafood.

     It was difficult for me select one from these varieties, I had to resort to some nursery school strategy to select Hammus as I have inclination for Arabic food. There is also an exhaustive list of Desserts and Mocktails.  Among the popular here are Mexican Chocolate cake, Carrot and Walnut pudding  and Peanut butter brownies with Ice cream.  I selected Mexican Chocolate cake and also ordered a Fresh iced lemon tea.

    The restaurant is open from 11am to 11 pm, and the last order they take is at 10.30 pm. I would suggest Mezzo for the warm ambience, good food and cuisine variety. There is also a good selection of Cocktails to select from if you like to taste one. The service was excellent.

    I left the restaurant with both my stomach and mind contemplated (and after paying my bill) and I have already decided to take my family to Mezzo. Oh, I have to tell Estella that indeed her recommendation was excellent.

Timing 11am to 11 pm                                                                                                                                               The Mezzo
Meal for Two: 1000-1500                                                                                                                           Avenue Regent



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