December 2, 2021

Social media misinformation campaigns rife in North-East


This is the age of data. It is considered by many as new oil. Though there are many advantages in living in the world of data, it should not be neglected that there are many downsides in living in the world of data also. One of such negatives is misinformation or wrong data.

The Indian states located in the North Eastern region of its territory have suffered the effect of this misinformation recently.

As per a media report, in some states located in this part of India, the negative side of information (that is, misinformation) has been utilised to trigger communal tensions and communal clashes. According to the report, the social media platforms have been used to circulate the wrong information among the vulnerable population.

The new threat posed by the misinformation is very serious that it makes it easier for anti-socials to spread wrong information and, thus, trigger serious communal tensions and, even, communal violence.

It is learned that the North Eastern authorities lack proper facilities like infrastructure and manpower to contain the misinformation threat and to pinpoint the culprits of the misinformation campaigns which have affected their states.

Meghalaya, Nagaland and Assam are the prime victims of misinformation. It is the high time to install competitive facilities necessary to tackle the misinformation campaigns, at least in those states which are worst affected by this disaster.

How can common people contribute to prevent the spreading of wrong information?   


Vignesh. S. G

Photo Courtesy: Google/ images are subject to copyright 


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