August 15, 2022
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O Yeong- su earns Golden Globe Award for ‘Squid Game’ at the age of 77

‘Squid Game’ has won the prestigious Golden Globes award this year. The series ‘Squid Game’, which has gained fans all over the world, was featured in the Golden Globes through the performance of O Yeong-su. O Yeong su won the co-star award in the television category. This is the first time a Korean actor has won a Best Supporting Actor award at a Golden Globe Awards.

O Yeong-soo entered the acting industry at the age of twenty-two. It started with drama. He worked for the National Theater Company of Correa from 1987 to 2010. He made his silver screen debut in 1998 with The Soul Guardians. At the age of seventy – seven, for the first time in his fifty – five year acting career, he is seeking an international award. O Yeong-su’s response was that he was thanking everyone in the world for the award. O Yeong-su said he hopes you all lead a beautiful life. Lee Jung-jay and others from the series ‘Squid Game’ congratulated O’Yeong-Su on winning the award.

The Power of the Dog (Drama) won Best Picture at this year’s Golden Globe Awards. The best film (Musical / Comedy) was ‘West Side Story’. Best Actress was Nicole Kidman (‘Being the Ricardos’). The best actor was Will Smith (‘King Richard’).

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