December 6, 2023
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Number of orphaned children in Covid is shocking; Child Rights Commission in Supreme Court with figures

The Central Commission for Child Rights (NCPCR) has told the Supreme Court that more than one lakh children were orphaned in the country between April 2020 and January 2022, when the Covid epidemic broke out. Based on the Bal Swaraj portal, the commission said 10,094 children had lost their parents.

Of the two, 1,36,910 lost one parent. A total of 488 pups have been abandoned since the Covid outbreak. The Supreme Court has asked the National Commission for Child Rights to produce figures on the case, which is being treated as suo moto with the aim of resolving the plight of children in the midst of Covid injuries.

The Central Commission also informed the apex court that the State Child Rights Commissions are coordinating their activities to ensure that future activities involving children are carried out effectively during the third Covid wave. The court also reminded the National Commission about the work to be done to ensure neonatal care, pediatric wards, orphanage facilities, safety of street children and education in government hospitals in the respective states.

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