August 17, 2022
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North Korea calls South Korean prez ‘shameless man’

Provocatively, North Korea has called the president of South Korea, its long term rival, ‘truly shameless man’.

It is the recent South Korea-US navy drill that has irritated the iron curtain country in the Korean peninsula, which is technically still at war with its neighbour in the same peninsula.

Recently, South Korea has reported that its rouge neighbour tested more than five short-length missies within the timeframe of a month.

The missile test is considered as a warning against the US-SK navy drill.

Actually, North Korea considers the US-South Korea navy exercise in the sea close to the communist country as a provocation.

Interestingly, the US, which recently decided to increase its relation with North Korea, has not responded about the issue strongly yet.

Meanwhile, during a recent speech, the president of South Korea has said that his country would be reunited with its rouge neighbour within few years.

The statement has been made while celebrating the anniversary of the country’s liberation from Japan after the infamous World War Two.

During the Wold War years, the Korean peninsula was a colony of Japan. It faced several atrocities at the hand of the Asian axis super power. It was after the defeat of Japan in the war that the peninsula was completely liberated.

Unfortunately, soon after the liberation, it witnessed a severe civil war that separated the people of the north of the peninsula from those of the south. During the cold war years, the north won the support of the east block and the south the west.

The reality is that the majority of the Koreans want their peninsula to be reunited like how it was before the invasion of Japan.

It is hoped Koreans will see their peninsula reunited in few years.

Korea has the potential to become the power house of Asia. Actually, due to its political instability, Koreans have failed to reach its actual potential yet. Once it is reunited, the whole story will definitely change for good.

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