May 28, 2022
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Kashmir Shutdown: No sign of relief yet

It is the twelfth day of shutdown in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, where a complete shutdown was introduced on the fifth of August post the introduction of the controversial bills, seeking the removal of the special status of the state and the bifurcation of the state, in the parliament by the BJP led NDA government.

The complete shutdown means there is severe restrictions on movement as well as in communication in the region at present.

There is no doubt that the central government at present is closely monitoring the situation in the state.

In the recent past, small relaxation has been given to the restriction on movement in certain locations in the state.

At this moment, it is unclear when the central government will remove all restrictions imposed on the state completely.

The restrictions are less likely to be removed until the central authority is completely convinced that the removal will not bring disaster to the innocent people of the state.

Actually, it is to make sure that the state does go to chaos that the restrictions were imposed by the central government.

It was on August 5 that the restrictions were imposed. It was on the same period the bills were introduced in the parliament. In both houses, the bills were passed with an astounding majority. Even the prime opposition parties like the AAP and BSP took a stand favourable to the bills.

It is hoped that the beautiful state of Jammu and Kashmir will breathe relief in the near future itself. The northernmost state is definitely an integral part of India. No attempt aimed to destabilise the state should be encouraged.

The centre should try to convince the people of J&K the reality that the bills were introduced to help the people of the state.

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