February 25, 2024
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NHRC set to send an Investigation Team to probe Thoothukudi Police Firing


A week after the occurrence of a brutal police firing in the costal district of Thoothukudi, the National Human Rights Commission has directed to set up a high level investigative team to probe the merciless firing, which killed at least thirteen innocent people.

As per a report, the team is expected to be headed by a senior police officer who holds the rank of senior superintendent of police. According to the report, the senior officer will be assisted by at least three officials who hold the rank of deputy superintendent of police.

The NHRC’s decision to appoint an investigative team has put an end to the long standing demand of the common public for an independent investigation into the Thoothukudi police firing incident.

The investigators will visit the family members of those killed in the firing and take the account of the independent witnesses (if any).

A national media has reported that the investigators have been directed to present their investigation report within the timeframe of two weeks.

It has been a petition submitted in the Delhi High Court seeking an independent investigation into the Thoothukudi police firing incident has prompted the NHRC to take such an action.

Meanwhile, in a different development, the State Industries Promotion Cooperation of Tamil Nadu Limited has taken back the land allotted for the Vedanta group for the expansion of their Sterlite Copper smelting plant.


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