August 15, 2020
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NGT constitutes an expert panel to inspect Bengaluru Lakes


The lakes located in the city of Bengaluru often catch fire as the solid pollutant concentration in these lakes is very high.

Bengaluru is an extremely congested city. The population of the city is increasing day by day. Each day, several new residential buildings emerge in this city to meet the growing demand for such buildings. Most of these buildings are erected on the banks of lakes in order to enhance its value and attractiveness. The highly corrupted system which runs the city often show less sensitivity to the environment issue created due to this mushrooming of real estate properties along the lakes. When the money of greedy property builders stands above all, the safety norms are given no importance.

The disturbing fact is that near those lakes which caught fire recently due to the high concentration of pollution particles there were several residential buildings.

It seems that the National Green Tribunal has identified the potential disaster the city may witness in the near future if some serious steps are not taken.

The NGT has constituted a special expert panel, which comprises of the representatives of the Indian Institute of Science, BBMP, Bangaluru Development Authority and State and Central Pollution Control Board, to inspect the exact amount of hydrophytes present in each Bengaluru lake, how many times the lakes have caught fire till April 10, 2018, is there any pollution treatment plant operating to treat the pollutants accumulated in the lakes, what is the present condition of these treatment plants if there are any such plants, and whether the residential apartments erected along the lakes have obtained occupancy certificate or not.


Vignesh. S. G

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