July 15, 2024
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Best hairstyles for heavy women

One of the things that bug every woman is weight gain. It is more of a cultural thing as women have to follow a certain beauty standard and those who do not meet that are often shamed for the same. Well, body shaming is something we have to leave behind and appreciate beauty for what it is. Weight gain is something that cannot be fully controlling, as women enter phases like “motherhood”. 

Heaviness can be quiet an asset for women who embrace the same. We have celebrities like Adele, Melissa McCarthy, Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis rocking in fashion world. In India, Vidya Balan and Bhumi Pednekar have brought the same. One of the significant features that help in beauty enhancement is undoubtedly a good hairstyle. Hair is the perfect decoration for the face. It is better to avoid straight bangs as they will widen your face horizontally. It is better for plus size women to shy away from compact hairstyles; however, try to have elongate hair locks. Additional volume will help in slimming the same. 
Here are some good hairstyles that could help. 

Curled bob

After cutting your hair into a bob, curl the lower portion. It is the one hairstyle endorsed by most dark skinned women who are plus size. 

Loose wave

Cut your hair such that your hair is in perfect layers. After that, curl them and leave it open. It will go with the flow. 

Chin length

This for those with round faces. Cut till chin and curled the lower portion. 

Loose pony tail

If you have long hair then curl them. Then, tie your hair into a loose pony tail by tying just one know or 5 cms below the scalp.

Cropped bob with choppy ends.

This is a popular hairstyle. After bobbing your hair, cut the end portion in an irregular yet straight manner. If you want, you can dye your hair brown or greyish. 


Try these different styles and come up with a new look. Don’t be afraid to change.

Dr. Elizabat Chacko

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