February 23, 2024
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New colleges, better salaries for nurses must for making India a medical tourism destination: experts

Considering that India wants to be “the most alluring medical tourism destination in the world,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated on Monday that the country’s infrastructure and human resources development will not be restricted to its citizens. Medical tourism is growing into a significant industry and a significant source of new jobs, according to Modi, who made this statement during the post-Budget webcast on health and medical research.

The opening of 157 new nursing schools near medical colleges is a huge milestone for medical human resources, the prime minister stated in reference to the new medical colleges that have been established since 2014 that are co-located with the 157 nursing colleges that were announced during Budget 2023–24. It may be beneficial for addressing global demand in addition to India’s.

The PM also discussed the necessity for India to become self-sufficient in the healthcare field, citing the pandemic in which drugs, vaccines, and medical equipment were used as weapons by some nations.

As of December 2022, there were 34.57 nursing professionals in India, or 9.82 lakh registered auxiliary nurse midwives, 24.7 lakh registered nurses, and 9.82 lakh registered midwives.

The number of nursing professionals working at the government’s primary healthcare institutions, such as primary health centres and community health centres, has decreased over time, despite some recent growth in numbers. According to Dr. P. K. Bharadwaj, secretary of the Delhi Volunteer Health Forum and advisor to the Association of Healthcare Providers of India, simply adding extra seats won’t help keep nurses in India without adequate remuneration. Also, he oversees operations at Delhi’s Saroj Hospital. Dr. Raman concurred that there is a scarcity of nurses in the nation as a result of the migration of Indian nurses to other nations in search of higher pay.

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