July 14, 2024
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Holi 2023: Pre and Post Skin and Hair Care Tips

The festival of colours is quickly approaching. We assume that everyone is prepared to take part in the celebration with great excitement and enthusiasm. Holi colour application itself results in harsh, scaly, and dead hair. Breakage and split ends were frequent results. Our hair needs special attention before Holi to stay silky, bouncy, and healthy. It becomes essential to protect your hair from damaging market colours.

Holi, the celebration of colours and life, is a chance to catch up with loved ones and indulge in sweets like gujia, laddoo, and barfis. While having fun and celebrating, we frequently forget to take care of our skin and hair. Holi’s aftereffects can be dangerous to our health in addition to irritating our skin, hair, and eyes.

Before playing Holi:

  • Tie Your Hair Properly

This is the step that must be taken before playing with colour. Always keep your hair covered and tied up so that colours are not exposed to it.

  • Oil Your Hair

Before going out to play with colour, give your hair a good oiling. A satisfying and soothing head massage stimulates the scalp and forms a layer of protection. More colours are frequently absorbed by dry hair. To fully protect your hair, use almond or ordinary coconut oil to coat each hair strand.

What if you have got the colors on your hair now?

  • To remove the top layers of colour and to make cleaning easier, first rinse or wash your hair with only cold water. After removing the outer layer with water, rinse it off while using your preferred shampoo and conditioner. For color-free hair, repeat this procedure three times.
  • Once your hair has dried after shampooing and conditioning, comb it to eliminate any remaining particles.
  • The next step is to use high-quality coconut oil, which will protect the scalp from any infections brought on by dangerous chemical dyes.

So follow these expert tips and have a safe Holi!!


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