October 3, 2022
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Commentary: The PoliTricks of Betrayal

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Kamal Nath has resigned from his post as the CM of MP, hours after he was directed to prove his majority in the MP legislative assembly.

His resignation is the latest blow to the Indian National Congress, which is now highly familiar to the blows like this.

This development can be viewed in two ways. Firstly, it can be interpreted as a misuse of power by the BJP. There is no doubt that the BJP has used its muscle power to make the maximum use of the golden opportunity emerged out of the inability of the Congress to keep its workers loyal to the party and to address the issue of infighting rightly. Secondly, it can be evaluated as a natural outcome of the low state the politics of the country has reached.

When it is analysed clearly, the second option emerges more suitable.

Clearly, the Congress now has no right to show red card to the BJP. The argument that the BJP has undermined the people’s mandate may not work here, as it may have to justify their action in Maharashtra – where it helped the Shiv Sena to come to power undermining the actual mandate of the people.

The politics of the country needs an urgent revamp. What is evident is the clear erosion of political values.

The people of the country may not always tolerate this mockery. The political parties of the country should not forget that the people of the country are the actual rulers of the country and it is on their mercy the political parties survive.

Both the Madhya Pradesh political experiment and the Maharashtra political experiment are equally bad.

It is high time for the electorate of the country to open up a discussion on how this kind of political mockeries can be avoided in the political hemisphere of the country.


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