July 27, 2021
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Natural ways to look instantly better in the Morning

Mornings can be difficult for some people, especially who are regularly late to bed. For others it may be just one night, had a bad sleep. To worsen the situation there will be a big meeting coming up and you cannot even show a tint of that tiredness on your face.  There are immense number of articles and tips providing long term solutions with a little medication, a little caffeine and some makeup. But here is some quick fire tips to regain control on any lousy morning.

Wake Up! Stand Up Straight

First thing is to jump out of the bed and stand erect. Poor posture is a ‘disease’. You might have slouched on that plastic chairs for years, travelled a lot of uncomfortable trains and buses or cramped you in the back of an SUV. Poor posture will make you look tired, a lot more heavier and older. So stand up straight, a good posture will help you breathe more air and automatically you will feel more energetic. You will actually start feeling better once your posture is correct.

Dance a little.

There is nothing more difficult than to be happy on bad morning and you need to finish a lot work. You need not take that vitamins or energy drink to feel more right in the morning. Just switch on some peppy music and dance a little. Any type of dance is fine, be it classical, western or spiritual. What dance will do is to set that heart pumping more blood in to your skins and you will automatically look better. Once the blood start flowing faster to the skin it will give better colour to it.

Cold Spoons

You get up in the morning and look in to the mirror and see that puffy eyes. That single thought about your puffy eyes will bother you old day long. Just go to the kitchen and put two metal spoons into the fridge for thirty minutes. Meanwhile you can take those quick dancing exercise and may be a quick shower. Once you have done take those spoons and gently press onto your under eyes for thirty seconds or more. You will see your dark circles vanishing.


This is a something everybody knows and its more popular with the ladies. What a moisturizer does to you dry skin is to make it look more young, healthy and pleasing. Dry skin will make you look more tired than you really are. Use a moisturizer SPF combo. Try an oil free moisturizer if you are prone acne, have an oily skin. It will prevent that excessive shine. Regular use of moisturizer will also help

Right Colours

Choose the right colours for your outfit. This is probably the most easy and at the same time the most difficult tip in the article. It is easy if you know to choose the right colours and vice versa. Even if you have perfect skin, if you don’t choose the colours wisely you will look all dull and tired. It is because the colours of your skin should match the undertones of your eyes, skin and hair. Wearing the right colours will bring the best attributes. There are many online sites which help you choose the right colour. Still not sure; consult an expert.

Hope this simple will help make a head start on any dull day. Practise this tips and also share it with your friends. It’s good to have a couple of energetic people and good looking in your company. Also make sure that you drink a lot of water. Hit the gym once in a while or join some aerobics or dance classes.

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