October 25, 2021
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Nato set for Emergency Syria talks

UNIQUE TIMES - Nato set for Emergency Syria talks

UNIQUE TIMES – Nato set for Emergency Syria talks

An emergency meeting is to be held soon to discuss Turkey’s campaign against the Islamic State (IS) group and Kurdish militants where 28 Nato countries will be taking part in it. The meeting in Brussels was called by Turkey which had become involved in the Syrian conflict during the recent years. The country had launched raids against IS in Syria and Kurdish PKK guerrillas in northern Iraq. This followed strikes that wave attacks by militants on the Turkish soil. Turkey which is a main member in the Nato group has called over Tuesday’s meeting of the North Atlantic Council under Article 4 of the alliance’s founding today. Turkey is seen to be struggling with more than 1.8 million refugees from the Syrian conflict. The IS linked militants on July 20 had nearly killed 32 people in the Kurdish majority town of Suruc. It had been reported that the US and Turkey are new working together with the plans of removing the IS group from the parts of northern Syria.


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