January 21, 2022
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Ms.Honey Tian Mi from China Crowned Manappuram Miss Asia 2017



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With the crown on her head, Ms.Honey Tian Mi from  China      stood before the audience as Miss Asia in the 3rd edition presented by Manappuram Finance Ltd, an event directed by Ajit Ravi at The Gokulam Convention Centre, Kochi. 20 beauties from Asian and Eurasian region participated in this event. Ms.Regina Mukhamadieva from Bashkortostan   and Ms.Akanksha Mishra from   India were the first and second runner up respectively. Miss Asia Global was  crowned to Ms.Mary Eve Adeline Torres Escoto from Philippines.   .


Previous year winner Trixia Marie Marana crowned the overwhelmed Miss Asia 2017 winner. MD & CEO of Manappuram Finance Ltd Mr. V P Nandakumar crowned the Miss Asia Global first and second runners up.

Cera, Dque watches, T-Shine and Unique Times Magazine are the prime partners of the event directed by Mr Ajit Ravi.
The  sub title winners are:

Best National Costume –Indah Dwi Septiani (Indonesia)

Miss Congeniality-   Nhkum Seng Nu Aung (Myanmar),

Miss Perfect Ten-   Vanessa Cruez (Malaysia),

Miss Beautiful Face –  Taeyeong Kim (South Korea),


Miss Beautiful Smile-  Keshi Fernando (Sri Lanka),

 Miss Beautiful Hair-  Mokhinur Zamirova (Tajikistan)

Miss Viewer’s Choice –Mokhinur Zamirova (Tajikistan)

Miss Catwalk-  Regita Gurung (Bhutan)

Miss Beautiful Eyes-  Ukusha Giri (Nepal),

 Miss Talent –  Honey Tian Mi (China),

Miss Beautiful Skin –  Aizhamzl Osmonova(Kyrgyzstan

Miss Photogenic-Alina Garaeva (Russia),

Miss Personality-  Huynh Quyen Linh (Vietnam)

Miss Social Media –Tenzing Dickey (Tibet)

Miss Fitness Asia -Vanessa Cruez (Malaysia),


The competition which was conducted by Pegasus took place in 3 rounds; National costume, Black theme and White gown.


Miss Asia 2016 Trixia Marie Marana,   Chief Executive Officer of Global Charity Queen, Queen of Brilliancy International, Golden International Corp and Miss Bikini Universe Christine Huang,  Spanish film maker Jesus Manuel Montane, popular German photographer Katherin Wermke,   2015 Mrs Asia India International Valentina Mishra resided in the judges panel in this competition. The subtitles were also judged by a panel of expertise.


The Miss Asia winner won Rs.3 lakhs, Miss Asia Global winner won one lakh rupees ,the first runner up and second runner up wonone lakh rupees and 50,000 respectively. The winners will be crowned with a gold plated crown designed by Parakkat Jewellers.
The prize money for the winner is gifted by the Manappuram Finance Limited, while the prize money for the Miss Asia Global and second runner up are given by the Unique Times Magazine & first runner up by WOW Factor.

The infamous bikini round, which encourages the wrong practice of objectification of the women’s body, is excluded from all beauty contest organised by Mr Ajit, including this. The Pegasus Chairman, who aims to give awareness against breast cancer through this event, has said that the organisation will contribute an amount, which is equivalent to the money offered to the title winner, to those poor patients, who are in need of financial assistance for their treatment purpose, under the ‘100 Life Challenge’ scheme.

The grooming for this competition started on November 14th in Beaumonde The Fern in Kochi. The girls were groomed by an expert panel of fashion choreographers and trainers – by Aileena Catherin Amon (2015 Miss South India), Sameer Khan (Fashion choreographer), Reji Bhaskar (Fashion photographer), Dr.AshaBiju (Skin expert), Sudakshana Thambi (Yoga trainer), Dr. EldoKoshi (Smile expert), Jaseena Backer (Personality trainer) and Vipin Xavier (Fitness trainer).

Qube Watches, Kalpana International, Beaumonde  The Fern, Zstone Smartphones, Vee Kay Vee Caters, Threka, Parakkat Resorts, Renai Medicity, Fitness For Ever, Sunny Paints, Riti Jewellery, WOW Factor, Aiswarya Advertising and Sara Media are the prime event partners of the event.

Sanzeeda Hossain Meem (Bangladesh), Regina  Mukhamadieva (Bashkortostan), Regita Gurung (Bhutan), Honey TianMi (China), Akanksha Mishra (India), Indah Dwi Septiani (Indonesia), Ayana Hirakawa (Japan), Aizhamzl Osmonova(Kyrgyzstan), Vanessa Cruez (Malaysia), Nhkum Seng Nu Aung (Myanmar), Ukusha Giri (Nepal), Mary Eve Adeline Torres Escoto (Philippines), Alina Garaeva (Russia), Ng Xian Wen (Singapore), Taeyeong Kim (South Korea), Keshi Fernando (Sri Lanka), MokhinurZamirova (Tajikistan), Dinara Kharmatullina (Tatarstan), Tenzing Dickey (Tibet) and Huynh Quyen Linh (Vietnam) will represent their respective countries in the International event.








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